Istanbul’s Silivri prison over double capacity – commission

The number of prisoners held in the high-security Silivri prison on the outskirts of Istanbul is more than twice its 11,000-inmate capacity, Turkish news site Gazete Duvar reported on Friday.

An investigation by Turkey’s parliamentary human rights commission found that there were 22,781 people being held in the prison, Duvar said.

The commission, made up of nine members of parliament accompanied by experts, visited cells in the prison at random and asked for comments from prisoners.

Inmates complained of insufficient healthcare services, poor and arbitrary treatment from prison personnel, a lack of social activities and communications, and poor physical conditions.

The commission’s report said the most requested service by prisoners was psychological support.

Silivri is Europe’s largest prison and Turkey’s most modern, with its own court on the premises. Many prisoners have been held there during political trials.