European far-right endorses Turkish candidate

A Turkish parliamentary candidate has announced his endorsements from two figures in European far-right politics on his Twitter account.

Sinan Baykent, who is standing for parliament on the left-nationalist Patriotic Party ticket, was wished “every success in the upcoming elections” by Udo Voigt, the head of the far-right National Democratic Party (NPD) in Germany.

Another endorsement for Baykent came from Elie Hatem, the lawyer and chief advisor to Jean-Marie Le Pen, the former head of the Front National in France.

“Sinan Baykent, a Turkish nationalist who is a friend of nationalists/patriots in Europe, is a candidate for parliamentary elections in Turkey,” Hatem wrote on Facebook. “I wish him good luck!”

Baykent welcomed this international nationalist feeling.

“The world is entering a new age,” he said. “The name of this age is the ‘age of the awakening and rising of nationalism’. Nationalists are in solidarity against the international centres!”

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