Aug 14 2018

Staffing becomes family affair at Turkish university

A Turkish university has come under criticism after every one of eight open job positions supposedly allocated by examination went to close family members of existing members of staff, nationalist newspaper Sözcü said.

Some were shocked at the family talent that arrived to fill positions ranging from teaching staff to advisor, and from anatomy assistant to administrative positions, at Sivas Cumhuriyet University.

University staff, however, fervently denied any wrongdoing had taken place.

“There is no question of nepotism in the appointment of administrators’ family members,” university general secretary Hakan Yekbaş said.

“Everyone who fits the criteria enters an exam and those who are successful gain (the positions). There are some who cannot stand this new administration: their unearned income has been cut off and they are blackmailing (us).”

Deputy Dean of the Education Faculty Taner Çiftçi, whose wife was made a teaching staff member in the Health Services Vocational College, said that nepotism was impossible.

“Up until the present day, we have never deviated from justice,” he said.