Despite backslide, over half of Turkey happy – global survey

Over half of the population of Turkey defines itself as happy, according to the annual "Global Happiness Survey" from market research firm Ipsos.

Fifty-three percent of participants from Turkey said they were either “very” or “rather”  happy, according to the survey conducted on 20,000 people in 28 countries between May 24- June 7, 2019.

The percentage of those who describe themselves as happy in Turkey is down 7 points compared to last year’s survey and 36 points compared to 2011, Ipsos found.

Sixty-four percent of participants from Turkey said their health and physical well-being was the source of their happiness, while 60 percent said feeling as though their life carried meaning and their children made them happy, the study found.

Personal safety and security as well as relationship with partners and spouses ranked lower on the source of happiness for Turkish participants, at 53 percent and 57 percent, respectively.

Turkey had the highest prevalence of adults saying they are not happy at all, at 14 percent, right after Argentina which registered 19 percent in the same category.

The happiest countries are Austria and Canada with 86 percent, followed by China and the United Kingdom with 83 percent and France with 80 percent each, the Ipsos survey found.

Meanwhile, the least happy countries were Russia at 47 percent, Spain at 46 percent and Argentina at 34 percent, it said.