Confined to homes, Turks post comedic lockdown videos on social media

As Turkey’s deadly coronavirus figures continue to soar, the public is seeking to lighten the sombre atmosphere created by the nation-wide restrictions in effect during the pandemic.

People have been creating comical social media videos about the hurdles faced in complying with the precautionary measures.

The coronavirus pandemic is a conspiracy by women to stop sporting events, thus keeping men at home and forcing them to do the housework, Instagram personality Çorumlu Amir said jokingly


Korona Nasıl Mı Başladı? @ismailoumar_ not: Mizah Amçalı ( EVİMİZDE KALALIM )

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“I am washing dishes and cleaning the house all day out of boredom. What kind of thing is this?” he said.

In a video post titled “The harms of shopping online”, social media celebrity and musical artist Halil İbrahim Göker displayed a medical mask he ordered online, saying that its impractical design made him look like Dobby, a magical house-elf from the Harry Potter book series.

Housewives also joined in by sharing footage of their daily tea times, during which they are seen maintaining safe social distance from one another by spacing themselves around the stairwell of their apartment building.

Another Twitter account insisted that partying won’t stop despite the nationwide lockdown, demonstrating new and improved safety procedures to take while performing in a public venue.

Turkey’s humour in the face of adversity is world-renowned and has been well-documented online. Its satirical and sometimes cynical foundations were made famous during the 2013 Gezi Park mass protests, which gave birth to many symbolic icons, with protesters adopting the name “Çapulcu”, a term used by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan to call them marauders.