Internet censorship law passes Turkish commission

A proposed law bringing all kinds of internet broadcasting under the purview of the Supreme Board of Radio and Television (RTÜK) is to go before parliament after being approved by a parliamentary commission on Wednesday evening.   

The legislation, part of an omnibus bill, proposes that all internet broadcasters will have to obtain a licence from RTÜK and will be subject to all Turkish broadcasting laws, Evrensel reported.

If passed, the law could affect social media, as well as traditional internet broadcasters such as YouTube and Netflix.

Opposition lawmakers opposed the changes saying they were draconian and amounted to censorship.

“We are fighting technology using the prohibitions of the era of Sultan Murat IV,” Republican People’s Party (CHP) parliamentarian Zekeriya Temizel said.

Finance Minister Naci Ağbal rejected criticism of the legislation saying the playing field for all types of broadcasters should be level.