Mar 31 2018

Turkish MP sorry for livestreaming party leader as Gandalf

A Turkish parliamentarian has expressed regret after livestreaming a parliamentary meeting of his Republican People’s Party with a face-changing application switched on, secular newspaper Hürriyet said.

The mobile application, called “Face Effects”, applied a variety of disguises to party members speaking, dressing up party leader Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu into Gandalf before the meeting was streamed on Facebook.

“My assistant got very upset and panicked, and immediately wrote a letter of resignation,” parliamentarian Tacettin Bayır said.

“I said ‘hang on, if the party leader doesn’t call up and say “how could you put that hat on me”, it will be nothing.’”

Bayır deleted the 18-minute feed when he realised what had happened. He said he first of all thought that he had been hacked by partisans of the government, but later realised the mistake.

Bayır never expected it to go viral on social media, he said.

“We did something we didn’t want to do. Of course we are very sorry,” he said.