Turkish political party hits Number 1 on Spotify

The official election song of Turkey’s nationalist opposition Good Party has hit number one in terms of number of plays on the Turkish version of Spotify, independent news site T24 said.

The party made a joking Twitter apology to pop-stars Aleyna Tilki and Emrah Karaduman, whose recent duet was pushed into second place by the pressing lyrical number Turn Your Face to the Sun, a reference to the party logo, which is in the shape of a sun.

The song’s lyrics – for which English captions are available on YouTube – talk about a time when no one can talk freely and where everyone is afraid, waiting for the Sun to rise again.

If party general-secretary Aytun Çıray is not mistaken, that light may be coming over the horizon: in a recent interview, he said that internal polling suggested that party candidate Meral Akşener would beat President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan in a head-to-head second round in the presidential election.