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Oct 30 2018

Three injured following explosion in Turkey’s biggest refinery

A boiler room explosion in a brand new refinery in Turkey’s western province of İzmir has left three injured, Turkish newspaper ABC reported.

The explosion at the Star Refinery, Turkey's biggest refinery and the State Oil Company of the Azerbaijan Republic’s (SOCAR) biggest investment in the country located in the Aliağa district of İzmir, was caused by high steam pressure as work was being done on piping, the newspaper said.

One of the workers panicked after the explosion, hitting his head, while the other two were taken to a nearby hospital with complaints of nausea and ringing in the ears, the newspaper said.

The refinery, which is $6.3 billion investment, started operations on Oct. 19, with a ceremony led by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.

"This refinery is Turkey’s greatest domestication project,’’ the Turkish president said during the opening ceremony.

The Star Refinery has previously in the hot seat following a workplace fatality and hundreds of workers on the construction site suffering from food poisoning.