Jul 17 2018

228,137 detentions under Turkish state of emergency

Turkey’s state of emergency, which is due to end on July 18, 2018, saw 228,137 people arrested in two years, a roundup on alternative Turkish news website Bianet said.

The nationwide state of emergency was declared five days after a failed coup attempt on July 15, 2018, and gave extraordinary powers to the Turkish state and central government. Eight hundred and five life sentences were given out following the coup attempt, Bianet said.

Legal action was taken against 17,089 social media users on charges of making propaganda for a terrorist organisation or hate speech during the state of emergency, Bianet said, including 845 people who criticised a Turkish military operation into the area of Afrin in Syria in early 2018.

One hundred and seventy four media organisations were closed, as well as 1,414 NGOs and associations, 145 foundations and 19 trade unions, Bianet said.

Trustees were appointed to run 99 different municipalities in place of elected officials, the vast majority belonging to the pro-Kurdish Democratic Regions Party (DBP).