Suicidal thoughts rife amongst Turks hit by state of emergency measures - report

More than 16 percent of those affected by Turkey’s state of emergency measures have had suicidal thoughts, while 48.7 percent of those fired during the state of emergency period are still unemployed, Germany’s international broadcaster Deutsche Welle (DW) said.

The Rights and Justice Platform report, prepared with the participation of 2,173 people affected by the state of emergency (OHAL) and government decrees, drew attention to unjust treatment after last year’s failed coup attempt and to the economic problems and suicide attempts among them, DW said.

The report said that 23.5 percent of people detained during the OHAL period said they were treated badly and exposed to torture, including psychological pressure, not being allowed to see their relatives, verbal violence and limited toilet and shower times.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan declared OHAL across the entire country after the last year’s failed coup. OHAL grants extensive powers to the president and the cabinet. As long as OHAL is in place, the cabinet is authorised to pass executive orders at its meetings.

The report shows that 29.2 percent of participants did not know what they were accused of, while 26.4 percent of them were arrested due to their membership in a union. The most important issue of the relatives of those affected was financial problems, experienced by 92.1 percent, the report said.


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