Teachers at Turkey’s leading private school chain strike over no pay

Teachers at one of Turkey’s biggest private school chains took part in a nation-wide strike this week to protest months without pay, news site Diken reported.

Teachers at Doğa College did not attend classes on Wednesday after the school failed to pay them for three months, it said.

A large number of teachers from Doğa’s campuses in İstanbul, Ankara and İzmir took part in the protest.

Founded in 2002, Doğa has over 100 schools which host 82,000 students from kindergarten to high school level and 13,500 staff. The school chain’s majority owner is the Turkven private investment fund.

Talks have been held on the sale of the private school chain, but a snag in the agreement is preventing officials from making a public announcement, an administrator at Doğa told Diken.

“We have been unable to contact Doğa’s headquarters,’ the administrator said, adding that rumours had circulated saying a large conglomerate was interested in buying the schools. “We don’t know who the customer is. Some say its the Demirören Group while others say it’s the Süzer group.”