Over 150 Turkish students sentenced to jail between 2015-2019 - report

Turkey handed down jail sentences to a total of 152 students while violating the rights to freedom of expression and protest of another 3,102 between 2015-2019, according to a report on violations against students by conservative charity Humanitarian Relief Foundation (İHH).

A total of 23 students were killed during meetings and protests between 2015-2019, according to the İHH report, and legal cases were filed against 658 students over their civilian or political activities, T24 news site reported.

İHH’s report found that 2,077 students were detained and 203 arrested during the same time period, while 720 students were wounded in incidents involving either police violence or attacks by civilians.

The largest numbers of violations against students were registered inAnkara, İstanbul, İzmir, Antalya, Eskişehir, Adana, Diyarbakır, Mersin, Van  Kocaeli, respectively, the report found.

Earlier this month, Human Rights Watch called on Turkey to end its crackdown on student protests.

Students at Istanbul’s Boğaziçi University have led demonstrations since January against government efforts to further curtail the autonomy of academic institutions.

A subsequent crackdown by authorities has seen hundreds of protestors detained, including in police raids at their homes. Police have been accused of mistreating those in their custody, included physical and verbal abuse, and unwarranted strip searches.