Family of four found dead in Turkey’s south in suspected suicide by cyanide

A family of four were found dead in their home in Turkey’s southern province of Antalya on Saturday in what officials are calling a possible case of suicide by cyanide.

The body of father Selim Şimşek (36), his children Ceren (9) and Ali Çınar (5) and wife Sultan Şimşek (38) were discovered by the police in the district of Konyaaltı along with a note by the father citing financial difficulties and unemployment, independent news site T24 reported.

The death of the Şimşek family follows a similar incident earlier this week in Istanbul, where Turkish police found the dead bodies of four siblings who committed suicide together in their home, likely due to economic problems.

“I apologise to everyone, but there is nothing I can do anymore. We are ending our lives,’’ T24 quoted the note found in the home written by Selim Şimsek, as saying.

The note also said Şimşek had been unemployed for nine months and was experiencing financial difficulties. 

Initial examination by experts point to death by cyanide poisoning in the case where three police officers and three medics were hospitalised after inhaling the air upon entering the apartment, prompting an evacuation of the eight-story building, T24 said. 

Police units have cordoned off the area around the building with crews from local crime scene investigation directorate, Disaster and Emergency Management Authority (AFAD), conducting an investigation, it said.