New forensic report reveals physical trauma in Şule Çet murder, rape trial

A new forensic report has shed light on the suspicious death of a 23-year-old student who was initially said to have committed suicide, Gazete Karınca reported on Tuesday.

Şule Çet’s neck was broken and it might have happened due to an assault that took place while she was alive, it quoted the report as saying.

A neck fracture with a bruise found during Çet's autopsy is an indication of physical trauma that she encountered when still alive and this might have happened due to pressure on the neck or falling from heights, the report said.

The forensic report also stated that there is no solid evidence for the possibility of suicide. Defence lawyers had suggested a diagnosis of depression one and a half years ago was evidence Çet may have taken her own life.

"It is medically not possible to predict her state of mind by taking a depression diagnosis that is one and a half years old into account," the report said, "The active agent found in urine analysis is not solid proof to confirm that a person committed suicide," it added.

Çet’s body was found to have fallen from an office on the 20th storey of a skyscraper in Ankara in the early hours of May 24, 2018.

Initial police reports said Çet had committed suicide. However, later investigations showed that it was unlikely Çet had thrown herself from the office since her fingerprints were not found on its window. An autopsy also uncovered signs she had been raped.

Çağatay Aksu and Berk Akand (reported elsewhere as Berk Arand), Çet’s boss and his friend, were taken into police custody twice in relation to the murder but were released both times due to lack of evidence. They were eventually arrested on July 14.

Both denied any involvement into Çet's death and their lawyers questioned whether Çet was a virgin, introducing a forensics report stating that her willingness to drink alcohol in private with men amounted to sexual consent during the first hearing in February.

Çet’s death has become one of the high-profile cases in Turkey in relation to violence against woman, as her family persistently uses social media to demand justice for the young woman.

The second hearing of the case on May 15, like the first, attracted intense interest, with crowds of activists and supporters of Çet’s family gathered outside the court.