Over 60 pct of Turks say country heading in wrong direction - survey

Over percent of Turks believe that things in the country are heading in the wrong direction, according to a new survey examining global concerns published by Ipsos polling.

Turkish citizens see unemployment and poverty as the greater sources of concern than the coronavirus, İpsos’ “What Worries the World’’ survey conducted in February found, differing from a majority of countries surveyed, where coronavirus remains the number one concern.

Sixty five percent of those surveyed in Turkey said they were concerned about the trajectory their country was on, slightly edging the global average of 27 countries at 64 percent.

Only 33 percent of those surveyed in Turkey saw COVID-19 as the greatest problem, compared to the global average of 50 percent, according to İpsos.

Meanwhile, poverty and unemployment topped Turkey’s list of greatest problems 36 percent, the survey found.

Turkey was already battered by a currency crisis that struck in 2018 and double-digit inflation when the coronavirus pandemic swept through the country in March. A significant portion of the population is overwhelmed with debt and unable to afford necessities following a second wave of the pandemic that struck a few months ago.

 Meanwhile, unemployment remains high at 12.9 percent, according to official data, and consumer price inflation is running at 15 percent annually.

The Turkish government has pledged a package of economic reforms to help steady the lira and draw in foreign investment set to be announced next week.