Sweden car fires suspect arrested in Turkey

A man suspected of arson in connection to a wave of car fires in the Swedish city of Gothenburg and surrounding towns was arrested in Turkey,  German broadcaster Deutsche Welle reported, citing Swedish police.

More than 100 cars were burned or vandalized in a series of attacks in Gothenburg and the industrial town of Trollhattan by a number of youths who coordinated using smartphones, according to Swedish police.  

The arrest of 19-year old man as he attempted to enter Turkey follows that of two suspects aged 16 and 21 from the Gothenburg suburb of Frolunda on Tuesday, Deutsche Welle reported.

Swedish police have yet to determine a motive for the attacks.

"After some intense investigating we actually found out he was on his way to Turkey, so we contacted the police in Turkey and told them that we would like to have this man back for investigation," Deutsche Welle repored Ulla Brehm, a police spokesperson for Sweden's west police region, as saying.

The police did not know why one of the suspects had left for Turkey.


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