Callous Turkey operation shows Syria cynicism

Turkey’s incursion into northwestern Syria to attack the Kurds is another example of the ruthless and callous power games emerging in the war-torn country, writes Kersten Knipp for Deutsche Welle.

The Turkish operation reflects the “cynicism” that pervades the behaviour of foreign nations there – Russia is allowing the Turks in seemingly to fuel tension between Ankara and the United States, undermining NATO unity, Knipp said.

“Following the logic of the various military forces in Syria reveals a twisted form of reason. Who is forming alliances with whom and why? Nothing seems to make sense for long, and new chaos and new partnerships are constantly emerging.”

Turkey could exit the conflict weakened, meaning it needs to turn to Moscow for help, giving Russian President Vladimir Putin an upper hand in its rivalry with Ankara, he said.

“None of this has much to do with Syria itself anymore. It is about ruthless power games.

“At the same time, Iran is increasingly entrenched in Syria, buying land and setting up businesses, while threatening increased pressure on Israel from the Golan Heights,” he said. “Iran, the grand master of oppression, makes a sheer mockery of it all by accusing the Turkish government of violating human rights. What happens in Iran every day, if not that?”