Foreign media targets Turkish operation – editorial

While Western politicians are taking a reasonably balanced approach to Turkey’s military operation in Afrin, citing its rights to self defence, the same can’t be said of the foreign media, Yususf Ozkir, a Turkish university lecturer, said in an analysis for the Turkish government-run Anadolu agency.

Western newspapers and television channels often refer to Turkey’s battles against terrorists in Afrin as a fight against the Kurds, without mentioning that the groups are linked to internationally-recognised terrorist organisations, said Ozkir, who teaches at Istanbul Medipol University.

The flow of news resembles “terrorist tunnels” built under Afrin where militants hide out and transport weapons. One foreign media outlet picks up biased news from another, such as the BBC’s coverage of a Robert Fisk article in the Independent that was prejudiced against the Turkish operation, and prints it, spreading the propaganda further, Ozkir said.

The foreign media is also neglecting to mention the humanitarian efforts of the Turkish military and its allies the Free Syrian Army (FSA), as they clear villages in Syria of Kurdish terrorists, Ozkir said. They also depict a Turkey that is targeting Kurdish civilians, rather than terrorists, he added.