Kurdish snipers face off with Turkey near border – CNN video

Turkey’s military is being confronted by Kurdish snipers just over the border with Syria, CNN television’s Arwa Damon reported from the area.

Damon said she was reporting from one of the outermost perimeters of territory controlled by the Turkish-backed Free Syrian Army (FSA). The Turkish town of Kilis could be seen in the distance.

Kurdish militants were embedded on a hill overlooking Turkish positions and have taken shots and fired a mortar into a nearby settlement, which is now under the control of the FSA, she said, speaking adjacent to a Turkish military vehicle and soldier. The sound of Turkish artillery could be heard in the distance.

“The actual on the ground advance itself is happening in other directions,” Damon said.

One of the things the Turkish government is hoping to do is to push Kurdish forces back far enough to construct a buffer zone near the border to prevent the Kurds from firing mortar rounds into nearby Turkish towns, she said.