Syria expert argues U.S. is switching allies from Turkey to the Kurds

Ahval's editor Ilhan Tanir spoke with Dr. Joshua Landis who is an expert on Syria. Landis is the head of the Center for Middle East Studies at the University of Oklahoma, and since 2004 has published the blog Syria Comment.

Landis answered Tanir's questions over potential Afrin operation by the Turkish forces. Landis claimed that not many people in Washington trust Turkish President Erdogan anymore due to his bellicose rhetoric. 

Landis also made a bombastic claim that the U.S. government is now switching the alliance from Turkey to the Kurds. 

The Pentagon made new statements on Wednesday evening that the U.S. is not going to form the "border guards" with the Syrian Kurdish fighters as announced earlier. According to Landis, though the U.S. government appears to be making some concessions to Turkey, at the end of the day, Washington is pursuing its own interests, which are increasingly converging with supporting the Kurds.