USA inciting Arab tribes against Turkey -- pro-govt paper

Striking claims have appeared in the Turkish secular and pro-AKP government newspaper Milliyet, alleging that U.S. and EU officials are secretly inciting Arab tribespeople in Syria against Turkey.

According to Milliyet’s news, the officials are approaching tribal leaders in areas of Northern Syria where the Turkish Armed Forces have successfully eliminated ISIL and PKK forces during the Euphrates Shield campaign.

The plan, the newspaper alleges, is to create a front against Turkey based in the town of Sawran, close to the Turkish-Syrian border. The project is reportedly known as the “Union of Tribes”.

Milliyet quotes a news story on the same subject from the Turkish paper Yeni Şafak, which claims that the tribal leaders targetted in this project have been meeting directly with European and U.S. officials in the Turkish cities of Şanlıurfa, Kilis and Gaziantep, or with the aid of mediators in Syria.

Turkish military forces have been active in areas of North Syria since the beginning of the “Euphrates Shield” campaign in August 2016. The operation was declared a “success” by the Turkish Armed Forces in March 2017.