Mar 04 2018

Five countries had a secret summit to plan split Syria - Star newspaper

A pro-government Turkish language newspaper, Star Gazetesi, in its headline today, claimed that representatives of United States, Britain, France, Jordan and Saudi Arabia had a secret summit on Syria in Washington, D.C. The paper argues that during the meeting the representatives of these countries planned to split Syria.

The paper quoted Lebanon's Al-Akhbar newspaper that it said published meeting notes from British diplomatic sources.

The article also claimed that the U.S. representatives pressured for forming a "terror corridor," reaching the Mediterranian Sea in Northern Syria. The six-step plan according to Star is:
1- Forming a "terror state" in eastern and northern Syria.
2-Helping the "terror state" reach the Mediterranian Sea.
3- Getting United Nations involved in forming the new nation.
4- Disregarding Astana and Sochi peace talks.
5- The USA will find an international representative for the "terror state."
6- Convincing Turkey of the "new" plan.