Turkish military vehicle kills Syrian protester in collision

A Syrian protester was run over and killed by a Turkish military vehicle during joint patrols conducted by Turkish and Russian troops in northeastern Syria on Friday, the Associated Press reported, citing Kurdish forces and a Syria war monitoring group.

Russian and Turkish troops were patrolling a region between the mainly Kurdish towns of Qamishli and Derik, east of the Euphrates River. This was the third joint patrol conducted by the two countries’ forces since Ankara and Moscow agreed on a deal last month that ended Turkey’s military offensive against Kurdish-held territories in northern Syria.

The man was among a group of residents who chased and pelted the convoy with shoes and stones, prompting Turkish troops to fire tear-gas to disperse the protesters, AP said. Ten people were hospitalised, according to the Rojava Information Center, a pro-Kurdish activist group in northern Syria.

The patrols started last week after Russia announced that the Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) had withdrawn 30 km south of the Turkish border as agreed in the deal.

Several videos circulated on social media on Friday showing the locals throwing stones at Turkish armoured vehicles.


In one of the videos a man is seen trying to mount one of the vehicles, then the men are heard shouting, apparently after the man is run over, AP said.