U.S. influence in Syria on the wane – analyst

U.S. influence in Syria is waning, while Russia and Iran are on the rise, a veteran analyst of the Middle East has written.

“Those two powers,” Ed Blanche said, “will likely dominate a post-war Syria and tak­ing Deir ez-Zor bolsters their region­al ambitions to the detriment of the United States as it disengages in the Middle East.”

Taken together with the heavy influence Iran currently wields inside Iraq, he said, takes the Islamic Republic one step closer to a sphere of influence that extends to the Mediterranean.

Meanwhile, the United States has chosen to limit its participation to air strikes and support for Kurdish-dominated rebel groups, in turn, reducing its say over the ultimate outcome of the conflict.

That will be good for Syrian President Bashar Assad, backed by Russia and Iran, but opposed by the United States and Turkey.