U.S. risking “the next Vietnam War” in Syria – Daily Sabah

The United States should abandon its plan to create a 30,000-soldier border security force to patrol territory controlled by the majority-Kurdish Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) in Syria or else face the possibility of being bogged down in an unwinnable war or being ejected from the Middle East by regional powers, English-language Turkish pro-government newspaper Daily Sabah said.

“To prevent the next Vietnam War, U.S. policymakers must resist efforts by the Trump administration, which is letting a handful of glorified bureaucrats set its Syria policy, and elected representatives of the American people must publicly raise the question why the White House is creating chaos in the Middle East,” the newspaper said.

“The U.S. administration is training an army of terrorists in northern Syria in a total breach of the country's territorial integrity and as a direct threat to Turkey's security. In response, Ankara has the right and obligation to take all necessary action to eliminate this threat.”

If the United States goes ahead with the plan, it added, it “will lead to the exclusion of the United States from the Middle East by disillusioned regional powers”.

These regional powers had already expressed their concern, Daily Sabah said.

“It is no wonder Russia and the Syrian regime are both aware of the danger inherent in the irresponsible U.S. move and were quick to condemn Washington's policy in northern Syria,” it said.

“In order to show that it means business, Turkey must launch a military operation into Afrin and other parts of northern Syria, which are controlled by the YPG-led SDF, without further delay.”

Russia, Iran and the Syrian opposition could work together with Turkey to protect Syria’s territorial integrity from this new threat, the newspaper said.

Syrian Kurds should also openly oppose the plan, which “ultimately will place their lives in danger,” it said.

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