Egypt, Saudi Arabia plan to reconcile SDF with Syrian opposition - Rudaw

Egypt and Saudi Arabia have accelerated efforts to reconcile the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) with the Syrian opposition in a bid to move Syrian opposition away from Turkey, pro-Kurdish Rudaw reported on Wednesday.

The move aims to weaken Turkey’s initiative, Rudaw said.

The two countries have a positive approach for the solution to the Kurdish issue in Syria, Kurdish National Council (ENKS) Presidential Council member Nimet Davut was quoted by Rudaw as saying.

A delegation from the Syrian Democratic Council, the political arm of the U.S.-backed SDF, visited the Egyptian capital Cairo on Dec. 21 to discuss the matter on invitation from the Egyptian foreign ministry, Rudaw said.

“Syrian Democratic Council will take on a fundamental role in the third Cairo meeting,” co-chair Emine Omer said, announcing support from Egypt and Saudi Arabia.

Under escalated tensions with Turkey for the country's support for the Muslim Brotherhood, Egypt has shown support for Kurdish forces in Syria.

Turkey’s offensive into northern Syria in Oct. has led to renewed efforts for cooperation among the various Kurdish forces in the region, with meetings between Syria’s SDF and ENKS, as well as the autonomous administration in northern Iraq.

Representatives from the Kurdish-led autonomous administration in northern Syria had met with Egyptian officials twice recently, with further meetings in Saudi Arabia and Jordan, Rudaw said. A third meeting in Cairo for the Syrian opposition has been delayed.