82 percent in southeast Turkish province see Syrians as a security risk

Some 82 percent of people in Turkey’s southeastern province of Şanlıurfa see Syrian refugees as a security risk, while 62 percent think the refugees also live in insecure conditions, according to a recent survey, Evrensel newspaper reported on Thursday.

On the Syrian border, Şanlıurfa is among provinces in Turkey most affected by the civil war in Syria and currently hosts 439,756 Syrian refugees according to latest official data.

A recent survey conducted by a team headed by researcher Ahmet Doğan showed that 90 percent of people in Şanlıurfa think that Syrians will not return to their homeland, even if the civil war there ends. 

Some 80 percent of those participated the survey complained about the financial assistance provided to Syrians, Evrensel said.

While more than four-fifths of the people in the province say the Syrians are posing a security risk, 72 percent also say the Syrians face discrimination and racism.

Some 64 percent think the Syrians do not contribute to the economy, while 61 percent oppose Syrians being granted work permits.

Syrians in Turkey are not granted a refugee status, but stay in the country under temporary protection and receive financial assistance mainly financed as a part of a refugee deal between Turkey and the European Union.