Indonesia orders first batch of tanks co-produced with Turkey

Indonesian Defence Minister Ryamizard Ryacudu has signed an order for Indonesian state defence industry association PT Pindad to build the first batch of the Harimau ("Tiger") tank, a Turkish-Indonesian production tank for its army, military news magazine Army Recognition reported on Monday.

Close to 18-20 tanks will be produced as part of the $ 135 million contract and delivery will take place in three years, it said, citing the head of the defence division of PT Pindad Vijayantos.

Turkey’s FNSS and Indonesia’s PT Pindad launched the development of the Modern Medium Weight Tank (MMWT) project, Kaplan MT (Medium Tank), in 2014 as a response to a request from the Indonesian army, the website noted.

The joint development of this medium weight tank design includes advanced ballistic and mine protection systems with a wide range of firepower, from close support of infantry to anti-armour, it said.