Turkey's Leopard tanks have disappointed in Syria - Daily Mail

German-made tanks deployed by the Turkish military in its offensive against Kurdish forces in Syria are not standing up well in the difficult conditions there, British conservative newspaper the Daily Mail said.

“While the tank's design dealt capably with conditions during the Cold War against Soviet fighters, the Leopard 2 has proved to be a feeble force in the battle in the Middle East, practically disintegrating under intense fire,” the newspaper said. 

“Given that the tanks are widely operated by NATO members - including Canada, the Netherlands, Denmark, Greece and Norway - it is particularly embarrassing to see them so easily destroyed by Syrian terrorists when they are expected to match the Russian Army.”

The Leopard 2 tanks were sold to Turkey on the understanding that they were not used against the Kurds, and they have not been deployed in domestic conflict against the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK), the newspaper said.

However, since 2016, Turkey has been using them against the People’s Protection Units (YPG), a PKK affiliate in Syria.

But, the newspaper said, “the Leopard did not stand up to the test of battle. This is in spite of its £4 million price tag, V12 twin-turbo engine, shell made from hardened steel and tungsten and top speed of 42mph.”