High taxes fuel 'petrol tourism' from Turkey to Georgia

The residents of neighbouring Ardahan province are increasingly visiting the country of Georgia on weekends with expensive Turkish fuel taxes driving the journey leading to considerable savings while filling up their tanks abroad.

“Petrol that costs 5.66 lira ($1.66) a litre for us is 3.80 lira ($1) a litre at our neighbours’,” Mustafa Gülen, a resident of the village of Posof, 14 kilometres from the Georgian border, was quoted by T24 as saying.

In filling up the tank of a typical 45-litre (12 gallon) small car, a patron would make a saving of 61.65 liras ($16).

“We only pay 15 lira ($4) to enter Georgia. We fill our tanks while also buying other things that are more expensive on our side,” Gülen said.



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