New Turkish tax on fruit juice is “influence of multinational fizzy drink lobby”, fruit juice association says

The introduction of a 10 percent consumption tax on fruit juice in Turkey is the result of the influence of the multinational fizzy drinks lobby, the country’s Fruit Juice Industry Association (MEYED) president said.

“While putting a tax on unnatural soft drinks, they have burnt the producers of fruit juices,” Mahmut Atom Duruk said. “Sadly, the fizzy drinks lobby has been very effective.”

The tax, introduced as part of a package of new tax measures on Nov. 16, comes on top of an existing 8 percent value added tax – and as direct taxes are themselves taxed in Turkey, this brings the total up to almost 19 percent.

Duruk said the decision would have an effect on employment in rural areas.

“On the other side there is a multinational, powerful lobby,” he said. “They can dictate decisions when necessary. We, the fruit juice industry, are not very big.”