Black Mirror ad spooks people in Turkey

An advert for the new Black Mirror series on Netflix has spooked people in Turkey.

The Independent newspaper reported that many Turks received direct messages on Ekşi Sözlük, the country’s version of Reddit, from ‘iamwaldo’, a reference to the TV series episode ‘The Waldo Moment’. The messages read:

We know what you’re up to

Watch and see what we’ll do

black mirror

The ad for the series, which specializes in a dystopian look at technology, spooked people into thinking that they were really in a technological nightmare, the newspaper said.

Netflix is responsible for the campaign, according to Gizmodo. The company didn’t immediately respond to the Independent’s request for comment.

Some people think the stunt is particularly insensitive considering that martial law was declared in Turkey following a military coup in July last year, the newspaper said. 

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