Rolls-Royce scales back efforts to build Turkish jet fighter engine

British engine maker Rolls-Royce has scaled back its efforts to win the bid for a Turkish project to build the country’s first domestically produced jet fighter engine with Turkey’s Kale Group, Reuters reported.

"Talks between Kale and Rolls-Royce ran into problems last year because of a dispute about the sharing of intellectual property and the involvement of a Qatari-Turkish company," the news agency said on Sunday.

Turkey and Rolls-Royce have been negotiating on "export licenses, restrictions, technology transfers and know-how, local work share, intellectual property rights, and development costs,” according to a senior Turkish procurement official familiar with the project.

Turkey's ambitious project aims to replace the Turkish Air Force’s current fleet of F-16s with domestically produced TF-X fighter jets, alongside F-35 jets from the United States.

Britain has been involved in the TF-X programme since January 2017, when Turkey announced it had agreed on a £100-million design deal with British defence firm BAE. Following the agreement between Ankara and London, Kale Group said it would set up a joint venture with Rolls-Royce to develop aircraft engines.