Turkey’s Haluk Bilginer wins Emmy for best actor

Haluk Bilginer won the Best Performance by an Actor award on Monday at the 47th International Emmy Awards in New York for his performance in the Turkish television series Sahsiyet (Persona).

"I am very happy that this award went to Turkey more than myself,” the 65-year-old actor told Anadolu Agency.  “It is very pleasing that work we do with love and admiration is appreciated by others on an international platform and crowned with an award.”

In the 12-episode drama Bilginer plays an ageing Turkish man diagnosed with Alzheimers who decides to punish criminals, and a Turkish female police officer trying to solve the murders he commits.

“Our series Persona is about justice and amnesia, but not amnesia of an individual, more dangerously and harmfully, amnesia of the society,” Bilginer said as he received the award. “Therefore, please make sure the society you live in does not suffer from amnesia.”

In addition to his prolific acting career in Turkey, Bilginer is also known for his role as Mehmet Osman in the British television soap opera EastEnders during the 1980s.