Author arrested over tweets did not have social media account

An author known for his work on Kurdish society was detained on the grounds his tweets were evidence that he “was a member of an armed organisation”, but later released after it was proved he did not have any social media accounts, leftist news website Gazete Duvar said.

İsmail Beşikçi, an author who has seen 32 of his 40 published books banned in Turkey, has spent a total of 17 years and two months in prison since his first incarceration in 1971.

“Şırnak chief public prosecutor's office began an investigation into İsmail Beşikçi in 2016 over tweets on social media under Beşikçi’s name and issued an arrest warrant on charges of being a member of an armed organisation,” Beşikçi’s lawyer Levent Kanat was quoted as saying.

“A search at his house was carried out yesterday while he was away, and today he was detained. He was released after he gave his testimony. The investigation is being carried out by Ankara chief public prosecutor's office anti-constitutional crimes investigation bureau.”

Kanat also said Beşikçi did not have any social media accounts.

Beşikçi, criticised propaganda for the official ideology and sanctions aimed at academia in general and Kurdish society specifically in his academic works.


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