Dec 15 2017

Minibus bomb may have been intended for OIC meeting

A minibus loaded with 60 kg of explosives may have been targeting a special Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) meeting in Istanbul, opposition Republican People’s Party (CHP)-linked television channel Halk TV said.

The minibus – believed to have been loaded with explosives by the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) in Iraq before being sent into Turkey – was raided by Istanbul police, who used a signal jammer to prevent remote detonations.

Two people were caught inside the vehicle and another seven were later detained in connection with the incident.

“The (Turkish intelligence) MİT Diyarbakır unit sent out the alarm to all units that a suicide bomb attack targeting the OIC meeting was being planned,” Halk TV said.

“Istanbul terror and intelligence police identified the vehicle through CCTV and other technical methods, and identified the suspects.”

The bomb, made up of RDX, PTN and HMX, was of the same type as that which killed 46 in a bombing claimed by Kurdish separatist group Kurdistan Freedom Hawks (TAK) an Istanbul football stadium in December 2016, Halk TV said.