Turkey has received 400 orders for TF-X fighter jet - pro-gov’t newspaper

A total of 400 orders have been placed for Turkey’s yet to be produced next-generation indigenous TF-X fighter jet, pro-government Yeni Şafak newspaper said, citing officials.

There has been heightened interest in the aircraft following a display of its mock-up at the Paris Air Show in June and subsequent international meetings, the newspaper said.

Turkey’s TF-X project, a $13 billion effort to offer a fifth-generation fighter to the international market, is aiming for first flight in 2025 and to enter service in 2028. 

The full-scale mock-up of Turkish Aerospace Industries (TAI) jet was officially unveiled at the Paris Air Show on June 17th. 

Ankara was looking to use U.S. General Electric F110 for its first TF-X aircraft, however, this plan hit a snag following  the  decision by the United States to expel Turkey from the F-35 programme over its procurement of the Russian S-400 air defence system.

The project is facing a challenge in the transfer of technology for an engine to power the national fighter.

“Turkey’s ejection from the F-35 programme is a development that will speed up the production of its indigenous fighter jet,’’ Yeni Şafak said, adding that the investment made for the F-35 fighter programme was being “transferred’’ to the TF-X.