Turkish play about dictator banned in Istanbul

Police in the liberal Istanbul district of Kadıköy have banned a one-man play about a dictator from any stages in the area, including the play’s home stage, left-wing news site Sendika.org reported.

“Just the Dictator”, which was showing at the district’s Emek Theatre, was banned on the grounds of causing a threat to public order, peace and security.

Barış Atay, the sole actor in the play, said that he believed it had been banned by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan himself.

“We know that this is the start of a complete ban. We will make a statement about this. Do not forget that #JustDictatorsBan,” he tweeted.

The play, which organisers say has faced attempts by government officials to prevent its showing in 11 different provinces, including an official province-wide ban in Artvin, has the strapline “If he were a dictator, you wouldn’t be able to watch this play.”