Denied salary for three months, İstanbul’s 3rd airport workers protest

Around 100 workers employed by DSG construction company at İstanbul’s third airport project have stopped working in protest of their third month without pay, left-wing Arti Gerçek website reported.

The latest protest on site of the airport, slated to open later this month, follows a strike by workers in September to protest deaths and poor working conditions. Turkish police and gendarmes responded to the protest by detaining 543 people, including workers and trade union representatives.

The workers, who claim they have not been paid for 90 days of work are scheduled to meet with the DSG’s officials, Artı Gerçek said, quoting Yapı Workers Union.

"Our friends who have not received their salaries for the month of August, September and October have stopped working in protest today,’’ an official statement from the Union said.

Around 35,000 people are employed on site of İstanbul’s third airport construction, which has come under fire over its safety record after 27 workers died at the site, half of them in work-related accidents, according to figures from Turkey’s Transport Ministry.