Pro-Kurdish HDP reports 37 killed in İstanbul’s 3rd airport construction

Turkey’s pro-Kurdish Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP), in a report it published on working conditions' rights violations, said a total of 37 workers have been killed during the construction of İstanbul’s 3rd Airport, independent news portal Bianet reported.

HDP’s report follows a strike by workers at the construction of the airport on Sept. 14, which was sparked by what the workers say are irregularities in pay, lack of medical supplies and unhygienic on site living conditions. A Turkish court formally arrested 24 workers who took part in the protest while around 400 workers were detained. 

Shared with the public at a press conference held HDP MPs, the report also detailed the impacts of the project on the environment, referring to it as "an ecological and environmental disaster."

While pointing out that the average worker clocks 12 hours a day on the site, the report noted that this may reach up to 14 hours including time spent on transportation.

HDP called for the release of the arrested workers as well as the provision of their work safety and job security.