Three more workers arrested for protest by whistling at Third Airport

Three more workers arrested for protest by whistling at the Third Airport construction site where 500 of them were taken into custody for strike action earlier this month, Turkish news outlet said on Friday. 

On Sept. 25 morning, workers protested against irregular shuttle schedule. The police detained four workers, three of the detainees arrested on Friday by the court, bringing the number of imprisoned workers to 27 in total.

The Unions said that around 400 workers joined the protest after waiting in the rain for the shuttle for hours. They were forced to wait like "slaves" in the rain. When they started whistling for protest, police and gendarmerie rushed to the area and detained four workers, the Union of Construction Workers said on Twitter. 

The current strike follows one on Sept. 14, which was sparked by what the workers say are irregularities in pay, lack of medical supplies and unhygienic on-site living conditions.

A Turkish court on Sept. 20 formally arrested 24 workers who joined the strike, after the police forces raided the construction site and detained around 400 workers.