Former Turkish justice minister criticises beating of journalist by prison guards

Cemiş Çiçek, former Justice Minister and a member of the High Advisory Council of the Presidency, has said that it was unacceptable for prison guards to beat a journalist, Artı Gerçek reported.

"The treatments that evoke the old days are not acceptable and further action must be taken," Artı Gerçek quoted Çiçek as saying.

The ruling Justice and Development Party adopted a "zero tolerance against torture" policy when it came into power, and torture allegations should not be overlooked, Çiçek said.

Journalist Barış Pehlivan, editor-in-chief for critical news outlet OdaTV, was beaten by prison guards upon his entrance to Silivri Prison, Cumhuriyet said on March 8, citing the journalist’s lawyer. 

He was arrested on March 6 over a report covering the funeral of a high-ranking Turkish intelligence officer who died in Libya.