Jul 07 2018

Indian billionaire to bring 3.500 employees to İstanbul for vacation

An Indian billionaire, one of the world's wealthiest businesspeople according to Forbes magazine, awarded his employees with a 7-day holiday in İstanbul, Daily Sabah reported on Friday.

The Turkish Travel Agencies Association (TÜRSAB) and the Travel Shop Turkey, as well as the Culture and Tourism Ministry and Istanbul Tourism Associations (ISTTA) joined forces to convince the Indian boss to choose İstanbul for the award. 

The Indian businessman, whose name has not yet been disclosed, allocated $10 million for the week-long vacation of his 3,500 employees, as well as a total $1 million as their weekly stipend. 

"They booked all the hotels on the Bosporus line. This may not seem like a major figure regarding the country in general, but it is a substantial source of income generated from a single customer with a single organisation,” TÜRSAB Chairman Firuz Bağlıkaya told Daily Sabah.

 The Indian market is very important for Turkish tourism, wedding events in particular, as they generate a significant source of income, Bağlıkaya added.