It’s raining tourists in Antalya

More than 2.6 million tourists have passed through airports in Turkey’s Mediterranean province of Antalya so far this year, an increase of more than 700,000 on last year’s figure, Turkish paper Milliyet said on Tuesday.

The numbers provide solid evidence that the Turkish tourism industry is reviving following a sharp dip in visitor numbers in the previous two years, when tourists where deterred from coming to the country by security fears.

Up until the end of May 2016, only 1.5 million tourists passed through the two airports serving Antalya, the equivalent figure reached almost 2 million last year, still well down on the record 2014 season, with 2.9 million arrivals in the same period.

Antalya and the surrounding region, located on Turkey’s Mediterranean coast, have long been popular with holidaymakers and tourism plays a vital role in the local economy. Two airports serve the region, one located close to the city centre the other, Gazipaşa, is more than 100 km further east, near the town of Alanya.