Mar 31 2018

Turkey’s steel exporters want exemption from U.S. tariffs

Turkey wants to be added to the list of nations exempt from the United States newly announced steel tariffs, according to a report in Turkey’s Daily Sabah newspaper.

“Just like the exemption of EU (European Union) countries from the Section 232 (the U.S. regulation that governs steel import tariffs), we also want Turkey to be excluded as a part of the customs union,” said Namık Ekinci, Chairman of Turkey’s Steel Exporters' Association. “Turkey already meets all the criteria for exemption as proposed by the United States.”

He continued, “We know that contacts have been initiated with the EU. Our expectation is to obtain results as soon as possible and exclude Turkey from this application. In the coming days, we will meet with our sector representatives and the Economy Ministry to evaluate these developments."

The U.S. tariffs on steel, announced earlier this month, will not apply to the five largest exporters of steel to the United States, raising questions about its economic aims. Turkey is concerned about the impact the tariffs will have on its steel export industry as the only way Turkey will be able to retain its share in the market will be by cutting prices.