Footage showing man crushed by armoured vehicle emerges during driver’s trial

Footage has emerged showing the death, under the wheels of a Turkish armoured vehicle, of an 85 year old man during a trial of the vehicles driver, reports Turkish online news website Arti Gerçek.

The incident, which happened in the eastern town of Lice in June 2017, resulted in the death of 85-year-old Pakiz Hazar outside a post office as he passed the vehicle whilst collecting his old age pension. The vehicle which was initially parked outside the building, crushed Hazar as it moved off, despite a passer-by noticing the impending danger and waving at the vehicle to stop.

Following the incident, Lice Gendarmerie prepared a report that attributed the tragedy to carelessness on Hazar’s part. However an alternative report prepared by the Ankara Forensic Medicine Institute (ATK) at the request of the Hazar family lawyer laid the blame on the vehicle’s driver, an expert sergeant known identified only by his initials, S.K.

At his ongoing trial in Lice, S.K. has expressed his sadness at what happened and demanded his acquittal.

The incident is one of a string of such occurrences, most of which have happened Turkey’s south-east where there is a large military presence. In Diyarbakir province, of which Lice is part, at least 10 people lost their lives after being stuck by armoured vehicles between April 2016 and the end of 2017, among them a five-year old boy, Ferhat Dalkılıç.