Over 3 million Turkish drivers fined since beginning of year - Interior Ministry

Turkish authorities gave traffic tickets to more than 3 million drivers for failing to follow traffic rules during the first 10 months of 2018, far-right wing oppositional daily Yeni Çağ newspaper reported, citing a statement issued by the Interior Ministry on Saturday.

Turkey saw an in 18 percent increase in traffic tickets compared to the same period last year, Yeni Çağ said, with 3,307,698 drivers receiving fines thus far this year, as part of an 100-day action plan of the presidency to  reduce accidents and traffic-related injuries through increased traffic control and checkpoints.

A total of 138,976, drivers had their licenses suspended for exceeding the penalty points limits, driving under the influence or  refusing alcohol and drug checks, an increase of 33 percent as compared to the same time last year, it said.

Around 21,000 fines were handed out to passengers failing to observe the rules, such as failing to put on seat belts in the front seats,  an increase of 186 percent compared to same figures for 2017.

While some 4,000 pedestrians received fines for violating traffic lights and other rules,  849,266 vehicles were banned from public.

There has been a 2 percent increase in deaths caused by traffic accidents, Yeni Çağ said.

Turkish parliament last month signed a bill into law, introducing more severe fines for drivers in cases of misconduct, including  a 1,002 lira fine for using the horn and blinkers without authorisation.