Commuting costs overtake food bills in Istanbul

Research by the Turkish Statistical Institute has shown that the average expense of commuting to work in Turkey’s largest city has come to exceed the amount spent on food.

Istanbul, a city of at least 15 million spanning two continents and connected by a complex infrastructure system, is renowned for its heavy traffic and long commute times.

The institute's study shows that it has also become one of the cities with the most expensive transport.

The state-run institute’s figures from 2009-2016 show that while food expenses have dropped from 18.9 percent to 15.6 percent of expenditure, over the same period transportation costs have climbed from 11.9 to 16.2 percent of expenditure.

The same statistical study shows that the cost of transportation has doubled for the average Istanbul resident between 2003 and 2016.

Rising fuel prices, as well as huge increases to the price of public transport and to road and bridge tolls have played a part in this staggering increase.

According to the report, Turkey has become the second most expensive country in the world to get around after Brazil, based on the average price of transport compared to the minimum wage.

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