TRNC president says E.U "blew up" chance for cooperation

The presidency of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus criticised the European Union for undermining chances for regional cooperation in a statement released on Saturday. 

“The E.U’s unconditional support for the Greek Cypriots and Greece by ignoring the rights of Turkish Cypriot people and the Republic of Turkey under the cover of ‘membership solidarity’ blows up the opportunity of interdependence and cooperation in the Eastern Mediterranean,” read the presidency's statement. 

This rebuke came a day after a two day summit in Brussels where E.U members agreed to expand the number of Turkish officials and entities that can fall under sanctions for drilling in waters claimed by Cyprus and Greece. Turkey has long contended that it and the TRNC are being excluded from the eastern Mediterranean's development of energy resources there. 

The TRNC presidency accused the E.U of failing to be impartial in the dispute and that by ignoring Turkish Cypriots' rights they undermine any attempt at ending the decades long dispute on the island nation. 

The TRNC was established following a Turkish invasion of northern Cyprus in 1974. Only Turkey recognises the TRNC as an independent nation. &nbsp